Fade Haircut on Black Men: Low, Mid and High

A well groomed man is one of the new trends that is going on, especially amongst the black men. Fade haircut black men have been increasingly popular as well. The way your hair fades from thick to none that creates a look of a smooth gradation does not only make it look interesting, but clean, tailored and creates a dramatic effect on your hair.

You can’t go wrong with having this fade haircut black to men because this hairstyle can be done no matter what your hair type is. It is considered quite an easy hairstyle to get, but the result you have is amazing. The best thing about having a hairstyle like this is that you don’t have to do maintenance or any additional styling at home, let your stylist takes care of that in the salon!

There are a lot of types when it comes to fade haircut black men, but the three that are some of the most famous ones are low fade, mid fade and high fade. There are so many options for fade haircut, but they will all look good on you! That is why this is one of the safest hairstyles that you can get.

Low Fade Haircut, Even More Perfect With Beards

Low fade is when you create a basic fade haircut black men but it starts from the very low part of the hair, and leaving more space for transition to happen. It lets you show more skin and more hair because of the wider gradation space. If your hair is textured, then some of the textures are showcased on top of the color transition.

What you can do to make this even better is to use beard along with this hairstyle. This hairstyle combination is for sure going to complete your look! A very clean cut of beard will instantly make you look very tailored. The simplicity of this look makes you look good on any occasions that you are going to attend in the future.

Mid Fade Haircut, Add More Beards!

This hairstyle is one of the most popular fade haircut black men so far. The fade happens above the ears to create a more dramatic effect because it is so noticeable. If compared to the previous low fade haircut we have discussed, this is better if you have longer hair on top and a longer beard. No matter how old you are, this hair style is going to make you look gorgeous.

Although mohawk is widely used with this haircut style, short haired or even braided hair can also get this haircut beautifully. The color transition is rougher than low fade haircut, but the overall look gives the not so tailored look if compared. So, if you are looking for a haircut that is not too dramatic, this is perfect for you.

High Fade Haircut, Put Some Precise Lines Too

This fade haircut black men is a very classic hairstyle that has been used since then, but you can incorporate a more of a modern touch with some lines games going on. From a straight line that separates your long hair and fade, to putting a creative approach on it by getting lines with various patterns.What makes this fade haircut black men style different is that it doesn’t see your natural head shape and could go up above it. Perfect for ones who want to make their faces to look longer. Add on the lines and you have got yourself a classical modern hairstyle that is very stylish short hair. No matter how your hair is, with this style your hair is going to look perfect.

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