Having natural curls can be confusing as it requires different ways of handling as well as different hair styles. But, black boys with curly hair doesn’t need to worry, because when you know which style to go after and how to properly care for them, you will actually realize that you are blessed with a […]

Awesome Black Male Braided Hairstyles for Different Ages

Braids have been trending not only amongst girls anymore, men have been rocking black male braided hairstyles as well. These modern braided hairstyles are here not only for men, but also for boys and teens. What is best about wearing braids as a black male is that you are rocking the culture of African American. […]

A well groomed man is one of the new trends that is going on, especially amongst the black men. Fade haircut black men have been increasingly popular as well. The way your hair fades from thick to none that creates a look of a smooth gradation does not only make it look interesting, but clean, […]

Three Iconic Braid Styles for Girls

There are a lot of options on braid styles for girls out there. From all those styles, some are iconic and have been used often even by celebrities. From simplicity to full on braids, we are going to show you some braid hairstyles that are going to make you look even more fabulous. These styles […]

Braid Styles for Men a Collaboration of Culture and Trend

We know that braids are part of African American culture. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be trendy while appreciating the ancestral roots? Braid styles for men are one of the most popular hairstyles that have been sought by Black men since forever. If you are interested in getting this hairstyle, here are some tips that […]

Tips to Get Red Ombre Short Hair with Best Quality

Do you have a plan to paint your hair into red ombre short hair? Actually, ombre becomes one of the most recent hairstyles to try. Many people are curious about having this kind of hairstyle. If you are also curious about it, you also can try having the ombre hair. Here are tips for you […]

Better Hairdo by Applying Braid Hairstyles with Weave

Braid hairstyles with weave is one of the best option that you have to try if you want to apply different hairstyle to your hair. Some people call it as good option in hairstyling your hair. Many of them also love to apply this on their hair. Do you know why they love it? Here […]

tips to Make Cute Braided Hairstyles for Little Girl

Braided hairstyles for little girl is one of the best option for her. By choosing braided hair, it means you choose not to give loose hair to your little girl. Actually, it will make her easier in doing her activities as a kid. As you know that kids love to move, this hairstyle will help […]

Braid Hairstyle for Kids and Its Benefits for the Kids

Do you want to try any braid hairstyle for kids? Actually, having hobby in hairstyling people’s hair is something funny. Especially if you want to apply some hairstyles to your kids that will make your kids turn out more adorable and cute. One of the most popular hairstyle is braid. You can apply it into […]

Best 3 Inspirations for Braided Hairstyles for Black girl

Braided hairstyles for black girl inspirations might be things that you really need recently. Of course, you will need inspiration before you apply some hairdo for other people or for yourself. From those inspirations, you can get better option in which will help you to have beautiful braided hair to be applied. Then, read the […]